Things that men find most attractive in women

Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is true, but there are some things that are always attractive on people, regardless of their looks or personality. In this article, we will be talking about the things that men find attractive in women, other than the usual standard of beauty that every woman aspires to and every man wants his woman to be. So, without further ado, here are the things that men find most attractive in women: 

  1. Passion

Men like women who are passionate about something. On the one hand, they can use this passion to impress them, for instance if a woman enjoys collecting coins from different countries, by purchasing an interesting coin from a faraway land, the man can easily impress her. On the other hand, a woman’s passion about something can bring the two together. The man will want to learn more about it and thus, they will become closer to one another which will strengthen their relationship.

  1. The ability to socialize with his friends

Men like women who get along with their friends. Obviously, this does not mean that men love women who are too into their friends, but being able to bring a woman in their circle and still have fun is every man’s dream. By getting along with his friends, the woman also proves that she can be a good friend and that she understands the importance of friends. This applies to women too: a man who gets along with her friends is definitely attractive.

  1. Her style

In today’s world, most people seem to follow one of the main ‘styles’ that are promoted on TV and in fashion magazines. When I say ‘style’, I don’t just mean clothes, I mean following a certain look, music and everything else that falls in between. One such style would be the gothic one which involves much more than just wearing dark makeup and black clothes. A woman’s style is what the man sees first and if it is also unique from everyone else, it will definitely make him fall head over heels.

  1. Natural body

Most men find women with a natural body very attractive and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Makeup and clothes that give the impression that your body is slimmer or that your breasts are larger than usual only hide your natural form which will eventually come to surface. You can’t hide it forever, which is why men prefer to date a woman that is natural because they know that what they see in a restaurant is what they will see every morning, there will not be huge discrepancies between the two. Makeup and women with no belly at all are two things that are attractive to some men, but the majority of them prefer a woman who is natural, which means that she has a belly and that she does not wear makeup.

  1. Red clothes

Red is the color of passion, love and sex so it’s no wonder that men find women who wear red dresses attractive. However, it’s not only dresses that are attractive in red, but all types of clothing. Long red skirts are also attractive because on the one hand, the red color is that of passion and love and the long skirt teases the man about what is underneath. It’s a win-win situation, you can’t go wrong with a long red dress.

  1. Messy hair

The messy look has long been thought of as a very attractive one by men because usually women’s hair always sits right and women pay a fortune to make sure that it stays a certain way. When the hair is messy, particularly in the morning, and when the woman stretches still wearing her nightwear, men go crazy because women look more defenseless. It also means that the previous night was a wild one for both of them and that is never a bad thing.

All in all, the natural look trumps the artificial one for men. Makeup, clothes that shape your body into something that is not, messy hair and red clothes, all of these are seen as extremely attractive by most men.

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