Problem-Solving Yoga Poses For 5 Common Health Concerns

There’s nothing a yoga pose can’t solve right? If you’re suffering from indigestion, too many hours hunched at a desk or even anxiety, you need to keep reading! In celebration of International Yoga Day, Angie Theodorou of Hotpod Yoga presents her top problem-solving yoga poses! Rather than reaching for medicines to treat common health issues, relieve your aches and pains with these moves.



Malasana – Garland Pose

Also known as the Yogi Squat. Squatting is believed to help with digestion. As the pelvis lowers, it encourages downward flowing energy. This pose also helps to lengthen the spine as it rounds into a forward bend and increases mobility in the hips. Allow yourself to feel taller and less ‘blocked up’ in this pose.

Standing in Mountain Pose, place the feet a little wider than hip distance apart and bring the hands to the chest in prayer position. Slowly bend the knees and squat down.

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