Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

It can be so hard to find time to squeeze exercise into a busy day. But just because you don’t have time to go to the gym doesn’t mean you have to skip a workout altogether. There are plenty of exercises that you can do anywhere, using just the weight of your body, and they’re just as effective as using equipment at the gym.  

Do a Quick Workout Anywhere With These Moves!

1.Decline Push-up

Push-ups are included in basically every workout because they work so well…. but, they can start to get a little stale. Try this push-up remix to for extra strength building! Place your feet on a bench or box and perform a push up with your feet elevated. WHOA, that’s a lot harder. Try it for 15-20 reps!

Decline Push-up

2.Sprinter Starts

On your marks. This move will really get those legs burning! Begin with one foot forward, in a half-lunge position. Propel yourself off the front foot into the air, landing on the same foot and sending your back foot back into that half lunge. Go for 30 seconds each side!

3.Stair Hops

Find a set of stairs, a box or a bench and hop to it! Jump with both feet at the same time, bringing your knees up and landing softly with both feet. Continue jumping up if you’re on a flight of stairs, or jump up and then back down if you’re using a bench. Do this move for 1 minute to really get that heart rate up!

4.Side Plank Crunch

This isn’t your normal plank. This will fire up those obliques and whittle your waistline! Assume a side plank position on your elbow. Stabilize yourself, then draw your top knee to your top elbow. Keep your core tight and stabilized! Try 10-12 reps each side!

Side Plank Crunch
Side Plank Crunch


5.Bicycle Holds

This classic exercise works wonders for your abs – and with these extra isometric holds, you’ll feel the burn in a whole new way. On your back, cross your right elbow to your left knee and left elbow to right knee, cycling back and forth. On your 10th rep, hold it on that side for 10 seconds. Cycle again 10 more times, then hold on the opposite side for 10 seconds. Give me 3 holds on each side!

Bicycle Holds
Bicycle Holds

Do these moves all in a row or do 3-4 sets of each one, then move on to the next. Or, order them a la carte and mix and match with your other favorite movies! The most important thing is squeezing in a workout when you can and get committed to training. Whatever your goal is, you gotta #WorkForIt! EAS is there to help with that.  EAS AdvantEDGE shakes deliver 15 grams of pure milk protein in just 100 calories, with 22 vitamins and minerals and no fillers. These shakes can travel with you when you’re running to class, to work or to practice.


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