Benefits of doing yoga

Yoga has become incredibly popular in the West in the past few years and its benefits have been analyzed by some of the most renowned journals and experts in the field of medicine. Yoga focuses primarily on the idea that the body has a natural tendency towards healing itself. Yoga is more than just a set of physical exercises. It focuses on a collection of physical, mental and spiritual teachings that originated in ancient India.

The benefits are mainly spiritual and physical. Here are some of these:

Benefits of doing yoga

  1. Insomnia and Chronic Pain

Yoga calms the body down and it can help people who suffer from insomnia. It can also help those who suffer from respiration issues, low energy or depression. However, the main benefits are for those who suffer from chronic pain. The positions that yoga focuses on help improve the posture of the body, thus helping the chronic pain go away.



  1. Muscle strength

In terms of muscle strength, yoga does two things: it helps build up the muscle mass through the physical exercises it promotes, while at the same time improving the flexibility of the body. Bodybuilders and those who regularly go to the gym to increase their body mass do so, but they also lose the flexibility of their body. Yoga promotes both of them through the same set of exercises.

Muscle strength is important not only for looks. The stronger we are and the more active we stay, the more we will keep away conditions such as arthritis that develop with old age. With yoga, you can shoot two birds with one shot: you get both the body you always wanted, while also maintaining a high level of flexibility.


  1. Yoga promotes the perfect posture

Many pains appear because of a poor posture of the body. If the shoulders are leaning forward or if the head is on a side at all times, neck and back pains will appear and most of the time, they will turn chronic and one of the conditions that develop because of poor posture is arthritis. This means that no matter how many pills you will take, the pain will not go away. Yoga helps you develop a good posture for your body in order to avoid this kind of pain.


  1. Protects the spine

The spine is made up of vertebrae and spinal disks, which are small shock absorbers that do just what the name suggests. If the spinal disks are not used, they do not receive nutrients from the body and this can lead to further back pains. Yoga promotes a series of postures that stimulate the spinal disks, thus helping you get rid of back pains.

  1. Improves the bone health

Another benefit of yoga is the fact that it helps improve the health of the bones in your body. Physical exercise and lifting heavy weights help strengthen your bones. At the same time, they help keep away bone diseases such as osteoporosis. While yoga does not require you to lift heavy weights, many of the positions that you are required to perform involve you lifting your own weight. One such position is the headstand, where the yoga practitioner has to stand on their hands.

A recent study performed by a University of California shows that the positions taught by yoga help increase the bone density in the vertebrae. As mentioned before, this means that the back pains will be a thing of the past.

  1. Boosts the immunity of the body

Yoga focuses on bringing the body and the mind together and the benefits of this are clear here. By stretching and constantly working on the muscle mass while also keeping the mind relaxed, the body will release the lymph, which is a fluid that contains a lot of cells that fight against diseases. Yoga, therefore, helps boost the immunity of the body, thus protecting it against diseases.

These are just a few of the physical benefits of yoga. What you have to remember is that yoga is a practice that focuses on bringing the mind and the body together. It is the only practice that can help both your body, as well as your mind and you should definitely give it a try.