10 Proven Ways to Lose Your Muffin Top

These 10 proven ways to lose your muffin top include everything from making changes in your diet to using targeted exercises for that pesky belly bulge.

The most stubborn place on the body to banish fat, The DREADED muffin top, is a common complaint for most women, although men can suffer from it as well (they call it “beer gut”).

The good news is, with the right DIET and proper exercises, the muffin top can go faster than you think

First of all, let’s talk about what a “muffin top” (aka belly fat) is…


What is Belly Fat?

Belly fat is the fat in the abdominal region and is the most dangerous type of fat there is.

If you’re here just for a cosmetic approach, we totally understand and will give you the right tools to get the flat stomach you want.

However, it is important to be aware that belly fat or “visceral fat” is some of the most harmful and dangerous fat there is.

While arm fat or thigh fat is unsightly, it’s belly fat and waist circumference in particular that is linked to heart disease, diabetes, increased cortisol release, and a whole bunch of other things you do not want to have.

In other words: It’s very dangerous to have.  So get rid of it not just to look sexy in your clothes, but also for a healthier and more vibrant life!

That little bit came from our article on how to lose belly fat, and it will also tell you what causes it and give you some additional tips to lose it.


Once you have the right solution, blasting away the fat from your hips and obliques can be relatively easy…

Hopefully, this article helps shift your perspective and shows you how to ACTUALLY banish the muffin top ONCE AND FOR ALL!

10 Proven Ways to Lose Your Muffin Top

1. Actually Diet

Let’s have some real talk…

You can’t eat cookies and cakes and brownies and expect that muffin top to vanish with a little exercise. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Dieting will always trump exercise when it comes to losing fat, and you NEED to have the right fat loss system set up if you’re really expecting results!

Ever heard the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen?”

It’s totally true.  Weight loss results are 80% or more from your diet, and exercise accounts for the remaining 20%.

You can do crunches all day every day, but if you aren’t dieting correctly, you will never lose the stomach fat!

2. Actually Diet Correctly

We don’t have time to explain everything, but here are the basics:

Rabbit Food – It’s underrated. No, not real rabbit food. We’re just talking VEGGIES! Veggies for DAYS!

You should be scarfing down leafy greens at EVERY meal.  Aside from the nutrients and minerals, they contain tons of healthy fiber, which keeps your digestive system working properly.

Lean Protein – You also want to eat a lean protein source along with those veggies at EVERY meal.  We’re talking eggs, lean chicken breast, grass-fed beef, and low-carb and no sugar whey protein shakes.

High protein diets have been proven to help you burn fat faster and improve your metabolism.

Avoid – Cookies, cakes, brownies, all sugar for that matter, and almost anything that comes in a package or box.

You’ll also want to avoid carbohydrates for a few weeks to give your insulin receptors and your hormones a much needed break and detox.

Watch more about the specifics of this kind of diet and the importance of a detox in our Flat Belly Detox  at the bottom of this article.

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